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11 percussion caps maker 0% Positive Feedback. 36 cal) and with cap-n-ball pistols. Seller: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms. A Large Group Of Percussion Cap Tins For Guns And Pistols. This confuses people because it appears to be the "largest cap," when in fact it is the smallest or tightest fitting cap. The invention of the percussion cap revolutionized small arms ammunition. Your Price: $46. the tape or sheet of caps using a ticket punch. It cost $49. It also lays out some analytical methods and potential results for Diy percussion cap maker [email protected] com we carry most of the pipe fitting tools you need. $10. $98. View as Grid List. Tyler Freel. Place aluminum in the #11 Percussion Cap Maker to punch out percussion caps. Maker: CCI. Available in #11, #11M, and #10 sizes. Remove any percussion caps immediately. Be the first to review this product. 32-. MAKER-MARKED CIVIL WAR PERCUSSION CAP POUCH. Jul 10, 2021. It was first tested by the British, at Woolwich in 1834. RMC Ox-Yoke English Flints, Hand-Knapped Muzzleloader. CCI Percussion Caps #11 Item# 0311. Percussion caps use barium nitrate and lead styphnate as ingredients which are also used to make pistol/rifle/shotgun primers. Curiosity was killing the cat and I dont want to run out of reloading components for center fire ammo. Packaged 100 per tin, ten tin to the box. Model: #11 Percussion Caps. Nov 02, 2021 · How Making Percussion Caps Works. Pietta 1836 Paterson. Rated 4. The pistol is stocked in walnut, showing a fine checkered grip and mounted with a captive rammer. The current crazy ammo supply situation has even extended to black powder shooting supplies, including percussion caps. Percussion cap maker updated 5-19-21 I bought a cap maker, so that I could make my own #11 percussion caps. The finish is brown Damascus. Pietta 1858 New Army Model. the name is jaxson from st. Add to Cart. 2 x 9 inches. 36, . Out of Stock #11 Percussion Cap The PERCUSSION CAP FORMING TOOL is constructed of steel, or a suitably hard material may be used. Track of the Wolf Guns: flint, percussion, & early cartridge guns DixieGunworks Antique Longarms Midway USA Black Powder Rifles Pedersoli David Pedersoli historical RMC Ox-Yoke Hand-Knapped English Musket Flints are perfect for your period or reproduction flintlocks, the best sparking stone available, hand knapped for a dependable shower of sparks. The RWS no. See Important Notices. CCI #11 Magnum Percussion Caps (1000) $ 82. If you place your order Monday - Friday by 2:00 PM EST using one of our express shipping options, your order will be processed and shipped the same day it is placed! The Forster Tap-O-Cap lets the self-reliant muzzleloader shooter easily and proficiently make their own No. #3 · Oct 14, 2005. Be 8 Piece Wholesale Steel Tongue Drum 8inch 11 notes C key Percussion Instrument with Mallets Carry Bag Music Book. Availability: Out of Stock. They also sell the priming compound. 4. NOTE: Shipping Restriction - this item Mar 12, 2021 · Make your own #11 percussion caps out of aluminum cans. Front sight was inexpertly repaired. This hot cap is is made of copper that will not stick to the nipple. Infantry Aug 02, 2012 · We used CCI brand number 11 percussion caps with all loads. Available in RIGHT and LEFT Hand. Reloading Powder + Primers. Imperial Caps and Nipples – Samuel Smith. Oct 15, 2017 · The Percussion Cap. 1354-13. Percussion caps The percussion cap is the smallest and most unprepossessing of all components in the overall system. The overall length is 11". 24 Nov 2010, 11:00 GMT. Clear. GI#: 101753320. 1841. markings include a number on the side of. Under $25. Model# 700 – Right Hand – Percussion $117. I don't mess around or "scrimp too save" when it comes to ignition, I want that thing to go "boom" when I squeeze. Does not work well on Remington style Pistols - Made in the USA How Making Percussion Caps Works. List Price: Our Price: $54. The percussion cap is a small cylinder of copper or brass with one closed end. CCI 4-Wing Musket Caps are hot and reliable for shooters, and are historically correct for 19th-Century military reenactors. The trigger pull, which came in at 41/4 pounds, was crisp with no takeup — more normal than not in a single-­action. With a moderate charge of 40 grains of FFFg Goex blackpowder, the author found the Cimarron Walker pleasant to shoot and quite accurate. 99 CCI PERCUSSION CAPS STANDARD, NO. Remington 209 Primer Item PRIR209. Several Items 1354-11. Answer (1 of 6): There are a number of companies that have FL and PL muskets and rifles available. RWS #11 Percussion Caps quantity. Note that a loose cap can recoil back against the recoil shield and detonate, and that is probably one common cause of “cross-firing. Galations 5: 22&23. 11 Percussion Cap Maker. Remington #11 Percussion Caps (100/50) Item PRIR11. Area Code: 417. com - home Forums General Discussion DoubleGun BBS @ doublegunshop. Assembled with soft, ribbed copper cups. 05 - $0. Free Shipping for all orders over $1000 use discount code: FREESHIPPING DESCRIPTION. I tried the mix and due to my mixing I had a few failures to fire. ARTIFACT: This is a lot of early shells, loading tools and percussion caps. CC0311 Show Specs. 4 -Rotate the cylinder to see that all the nipples are void of percussion caps. CCI Percussion Caps #11 Per 1000, Ten tims of 100 Our primers are highly evolved products because we continuously test and improve. Learn More » Jedediah Starr Trading Co. com #11 percussion caps Oct 13, 2005 · 420 Posts. I don't use the mix instead I use punched out paper caps 4 for each cap. The smooth bore is clean. CLICK TO ENLARGE. Holds ten #11 caps. 0%) Chat. I just had to know if it really worked. Bullet Mold Whitesmith File Work 17th or 18th C 424-272. Amazon's Choice for percussion caps 11. Lyman Great Plains Cap Lock 50 32" Barrel Hardwood Stock #11 Percussion. Enter your email address to join the waitlist for this product. Dec 07, 2012 · Make your own #11 percussion caps out of aluminum cans. All that is needed is an empty dry aluminum beverage can and a roll of American made toy caps. 11 percussion caps. 100. Will Blackhorn work with a #11 percussion or musket cap primer? NO Winchester Magnum BP #11 Percussion Caps $15. Five other shells are in brass and paper, and are by Winchester, among other makers. Item #: WINSML11 $0. The percussion cap maker itself is simple. They worked well and gave a proper fit. Fast and Accurate Order Processing. 1851 through 1861 Models. This pattern has the closing tab as a continuation of the outer flap. Quickview. The leather is clean and the whole piece is in excellent condition. Quantity: Limit 4 per customer per day. Over $250. 95 per tin/100 - so I suggest you start cruising gunshops & gunsmiths in your area. Percussion cap maker. Additional charges for Non Free Shipping products, products shipping to remote locations, HazMat products, and large or heavy items still apply. Modern non-corrosive, non-mercuric priming mix. chlorine makers miners, mercury dental amalgam makers neon light makers dentists paint makers direct current meter workers paper makers disinfectant makers percussion cap makers disinfectors pesticide workers drug makers photographers dye makers pressure gage makers electric apparatus makers refiners, mercury electroplaters seed handlers Circa 1850 Percussion Cap Signal Cannon, Toy? Unknown Maker 1334-15 . Nov 27, 2017 - Make your own #11 percussion caps out of aluminum cans. 1844. CCI primers have always incorporated modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes. 10 per piece. Civil War: Ephemera. A PAIR OF GERMAN PERCUSSION TARGET PISTOLS with multigroove rifled browned octagonal sighted barrels signed in gold and with a gold line at the muzzle and breech, case-hardened breeches numbered 1 and 2 respectively and each with platinum plug, engraved case-hardened tangs, engraved case-hardened locks each with gold-lined oblong maker's stamp, figured walnut full stocks carved with a laurel This is an original EIC marked percussion Dragoon Pistol. This is a separate charge to the percussion cap, but is designed to be initiated by the firing of the percussion cap, and hence set the main charge off in a Traditions #11 Percussion Field Capper Model #A1291 Compact solid brass. Show more. RL0805 Tap-O-Cap Percussion Cap Maker. sharpshooter-22lr-reloader. ” If the cap is too tight it won’t go on all the way and the cylinder won’t turn. Material: Titanium steel alloy. Easy and fun to do… Comes with complete instructions. Jimbo. London, Knightsbridge. The NAA Companion is a percussion (cap & ball) . Easy and fun to do Comes with complete instructions. Today's CCI primer is more sensitive, easier to seat, and more compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment than even before. 5 -Take a wooden dowel or cleaning rod and place one end down the barrel and mark rod at muzzle. Percussion caps are an overlooked analytical resource in archaeological studies. 95 The tip of the holder is designed to position the percussion cap fully exposed, making it easy to place on a revolver nipple. Mostly 19th Century. But the fruits of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, Gentleness and self control. 1/2 inch Knapped Flint (1/2 x 5/8″) 5/8 inch Knapped Flint (5/8″x 3/4″) 3/4 inch Knapped Flint (3/4″x 7/8″) . Manufacturer: CCIModel: CCI11MReloading Reliable percussion caps for muzzleloaders. Match standard nipple sizes. I have been useing them for a year now with good results. Well the short answer is yes! The tool makes blank caps from a soda can material. Hinged cover is held securely in place by positive latch. RWS™ #11 Percussion Caps are designed to be used with any firearm or muzzleloader that uses a #11 percussion cap ignition. Learn Feb 26, 2018 · Having a tiny percussion cap as the main source of ignition for this charge wouldn’t suffice, so the larger calibre shells, (everything from 40mm and above), usually have a primer. SliXshot Nipples work BEST with Remington #10, CCI #11, Winchester #11 and RWS 1075 Caps. myshopify. The business passed to his son Samuel, who had the business from 1825. #11 Percussion Cap Maker Instructions - . They are the junky ones and so far have not worked at all. Upon firing the cap will split and fall off the nipple when the hammer is lifted. 2 -Be sure revolver is unloaded. Lock Features:* Dimesion 4 3/4″ X 1 1/16″, stirrup type springing and fly. Reloading Supplies. Percussion lock with the maker's inscription inlaid in silver. Will Blackhorn 209 work in my muzzleloading rifle? Blackhorn 209 was specifically designed for modern in-line muzzleloaders with sealed ignition systems using standard 209 shotshell primers. Walnut full stock with iron furniture and horn nose cap. View Quote. Miniature Signal Style Salute Cannon Tube, Impressed USN Unknown Maker 1334-16 Works. Use the Prime-All repriming compound as your priming compound and make your #11 percussion caps for about 1¢ a piece. IME, #11 caps f/s on the internet carry scalper's price tags. 22 reloader, this guy Brian had invented a reloading system for Berdan primed brass, and a system to make your own #11 percussion caps. Local Pickup Available. Brand: CCI. Choose Weight. The paper provides a history of percussion cap development, manufacturing, and manufacturers. +1. 99. Remington #10 Percussion Caps — Remington #11 Percussion Caps —- Winchester Triple Se7en Muzzleloading 209 Primer —-100 Ct. CCI #10 Percussion Caps for Muzzleloading - 1000/ct. ) of Bridgeport, Connecticut, known under that name from 1867-1912. It measures 14” overall and has an 8" round blued steel barrel. 11. The Companion is made in America, utilizing Sep 06, 2016 · Early American Firearms and Their Makers. Be the first to review “CCI Percussion Caps #11 Item# 0311” Cancel reply. 12 4-leafed muzzle-loader 200 2103893 Apr 04, 2021 · Homemade Percussion Caps. Fits #10 and #11 percussion caps Solid brass construction Holds 10 caps Dispenses one cap at a time Loading Instructions: Pull the cap follower back and place the wire carrying loop over it Hold capper with loading part facing forward Place caps into loading part. Travel Desk, Probably English, 2nd Half 19th C. Reliable percussion caps for muzzleloaders. 23 - 46. Made In. hello all. Centerfire. volume 12 thru Black Powder Percussion Cap Pistols. The percussion cap ignition system as we know it was developed around 1818 and came into universal use on private arms in 1826. British Copper Shotgun Flask 230-19. Model# 800 – Left Hand – Percussion $117. $599. Today's CCI primer is more sensitive, easier to seat, and more co Apr 20, 2021 · I got the percussion cap maker recently. Made of solid Brass or German Silver and holds about 100 of any brand #11 caps. Stype: 8 inch 11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum. Blunderbus Percussion Shotgun 60 Gauge 15 3/8" Round Barrel Blue Finish Walnut Stock Birmingham Proofed at rear of barrel Iron furniture Scroll engraving Brass Tip Ramrod Mid Click for more info. #11 Percussion Caps VS. Find unreal value with everything starting at $1. 05 per unit) SHIPS FREE Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. Logged. Dec 05, 2019 · Gents, I picked up a couple of tins of percussion caps that I could use a bit of help with identifying. #11 percussion caps. 99; In Stock Brand: Winchester; Item Number: SML11; Thompson Center Strike Primer Adapter Replacement O-Rings $8. In 1830 he took out an English patent No 5978 for ‘Imperial caps and nipples Cover your head with a customizable Percussion hat from Zazzle! Shop from baseball caps to trucker hats to add an extra touch to your look! Casehardened, Back-action, percussion mechanism with its matching scroll engraved lock and hammer: marked with a clear "Deringer Philadel" maker's address, on its tail. Web ID: 77790. A uniquely curated, carefully authenticated and ever-changing assortment of uncommon art, jewelry, fashion accessories, collectibles, antiques & more. Thompson Center Arms In Line Capper (Brass) - Holds 17 No 11 Caps , 2 x 1. This is a Civil War-era percussion cap pouch. The pistol has its original captive steel ramrod. Oct 17, 2016 · 250 caps per tin, non-corrosive. pdf File MAKER-MARKED CIVIL WAR PERCUSSION CAP POUCH. The RWS Percussion cap is a German made cap by Dynamite Nobel. 00. I found a small/local gun store that had a good stock of them @ $6. When it comes to rare and historic percussion cap pistols, our inventory of black powder percussion pistols is sure to satisfy even the most demanding collector. sparks or bits of cap when fired. Double set triggers. As with NAA’s other Mini-Revolvers, the Companion employs the same precision design. Add to cart. 22 caliber five shot revolver, engineered by the legendary gun designer, Dick Casull. ITEM #:CCI0311. $6. Description. 3) The Classic Locks. US $45. 00 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings. May 30, 2021 · Had had created working kits, and they had been out in the market for some time, unbeknownst to me and pretty much everyone else. CCI® Primers #11 Percussion Caps 100-Count. Read more; CCI #200 Large Rifle Primers This is a complete Civil War percussion cap box. Two-stage barrel, octagonal changing to round, rifled bore in 11 mm calibre. Why? They were non-mercuric, non-corrosive, and darned reliable. $40. - Clean-burning and reliable ignition. Civil War Pack of Percussion Musket Caps. See Details. Aperture sight. johns, newfoundland. Check with your rifle’s manufacturer for compatibility. It’s a machined-steel die and punch that you can operate by hand on a flat surface, or with the aid of a wood or synthetic mallet. Add to Cart for Price. Our Sale Price: From $7. The top flat shows Beckwith London. Our Price: $32. Learn More » FAQs « Blackhorn 209. Jan 23, 2021 · And it's easy to economize effort for high-demand things like 9mm and 223 by dropping low-demand stuff like #11 caps. With 28 of it's original caps, tin having an unusual construction"see photo's" Tin measures 23/32 of an inch in height, and 1-9/16 inches in diameter, being in very good condition showing signs of age/ use"see May 30, 2020 · Comes with complete instructions. Join Waitlist. #11 Magnum Percussi. ($0. Springfield Model 1842. The PERCUSSION CAP FORMING TOOL consists of two parts; the Cutter and the Cutting Block. The percussion cap was made possible by the discovery of a chemical compound called mercuric fulminate or fulminate of mercury . #11. CCI has now expanded the line to four popular products. Aug 18, 2009 · This do-dad punches out aluminum can bits into #11 percussion caps that work well, provided you use Taiwanese, NOT Chinese paper caps as primer. Condict / New York”. Jan 06, 2020 · Percussion caps were CCI’s No. Free shipping. 50 1-48 of 140 results for "11 percussion caps for muzzleloader" Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. The #10 Caps The #11 Caps (note the RWS 1075s are categorized as #11 caps because they fit the same cones as caps marked as #11) The Remington #10 Cap is the longest cap of the bunch. Fine+, classic Deringer-form, walnut fullstock with a nicely checkered grip and 85% finish: some scattered light handling marks and the expected minor abrasions. Browse these categories under "Pietta Black Powder Parts". But it does deserve particular attention, as nothing will work without the percussion cap. Add to Wishlist. These dots of cap composition, still sealed between the toy cap papers, were then seated in the aluminum cups. 11 Read More. Nov 19, 2021 · They also make a fine addition to shotguns of this period as well. We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience. Business Reference Services. 44 and . coupe said: Fanboy, I got one from sharpshooter22lr before the shortage began. ( 5 customer reviews) $ 5 $ 5. Lyman 6031102. We offer singles and pairs from the New Word, Old World, and Asia, from pocket pistols to duelers to horsemans and everything in between. This “Great Plains” rifle was designed and built by such famous makers as Dec 08, 2020 · Make your own #11 percussion caps out of aluminum cans. Make your own #11 percussion caps out of aluminum cans. It was adopted on military arms by the 1830's. The Companion uses a #11 Percussion Cap and FFFFH or Pyrodex powder. 88 / Piece. Quantity: 100. Harpers Ferry Model 1841 (Mississippi Rifle) Rifled-Musket Percussion Cap Long Gun. . Apr 01, 2000 · The percussion cap was easier to load, more weather resistant and more reliable, so by the time of America's civil war, both Union and Confederate armies used percussion-cap guns exclusively. The lock, hammer, tang, breech, triggerguard and butt show fine engraving. In 1827 Wm. Inside the closed end is a small amount of a shock-sensitive explosive material such as mercuric fulminate (discovered in 1800; it was the only practical detonator used from about 1850 to the early 20th century). Both inner “ears” remain firmly sewn in place and all of A percussion target rifle, Bristlen in Morges, circa 1840. RWS 1055 #11 Long Percussion Caps 250 per Tin Minimum Order 4 Tins***No Longer Available***. Apr 13, 2021 · Re: #11 Percussion Caps? « Reply #1 on: April 13, 2021, 03:55:04 PM ». Per Package. CC0309 Show Specs. Sold for £ 480 (US$ 661) inc. In addition to the #11, there’s the #11M with more power to light off replica black powders. The interior flap is supple, and maker marked with “J. - Matched to standard nipple dimensions. 100 rounds. Excellent. 09. Companion. Goulding advertised percussion caps for sale in Portland Maine. Ramrod missing. 3 -Place hammer in the half-cock position. By using a combination of more easily flammable chemicals the percussion cap ignited when given a sharp blow in a particular place. CCI PERCUSSION CAPS STANDARD, NO. 70. Read more; CCI #11 Percussion Caps (1000) $ 108. 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000. Use our Prime-All Repriming Compound as your priming compound, and make your #11 percussion cap for approximately 1¢ a piece. Antique Arms and Armour. The priming was provided by a toy paper cap, punched out of. SKU: RWS #11 Category: Primers. i'm new to the whole 'old firearms' thing. Federal regulations require us to charge a $39. E. This pattern has the “square” outer flap with closing tab sewn to the underside. Yep, like roundball I tried them years back and love'm! Reliability of ignition (imho), is much higher with the CCI mag caps. WINCHESTER PERCUSSION CAP #11 MAGNUM 100/bx . Mar 22, 2021 · I tried the caps. 00 to $64. here is what i know about it at this time. CCI made the muzzleloading world a lot brighter in 1975 when they introduced the #11 percussion caps. Out of Stock #10 Percussion Cap (5000 Count) 050-22617 | Remington. Although I was able to pick up a 1200 count sleeve of RWS 1075+ caps from MidwayUSA earlier this year, I wanted a fallback option as well. $100 to $250. Save $2 With Coupon. (293 Results) Price ($) Any price. 1. Noncorrosive, nonmercuric priming compounds. SKU: PRICCI11 Categories: Muzzleloader Primers, Muzzleloading, Primers, Reloading, SunDis, sunset. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Aug 05, 2016 · Makers - Darne, Merkel, Arrieta, Beretta, Browning, Holland, Purdey, Richards, Bernardelli, Parker, Fox, LC Smith, and most other double barreled shotgun, gun and double rifle makers. 12. The collector documented buying this rifle in the 1950s but there is no provenance further back that this date. We’ve now expanded the line to four popular products. We stock nipples to allow the use of muscket caps on standard Percussion rifles. liaoshizhen (100. WINCHESTER PERCUSSION CAP #11 MAGNUM 1000/cs . $250. 45 Caliber. So, in early January I ordered a #11 cap maker and a packet #11 Percussion Caps (1000 Count) 020-0311 | CCI . Compliment your upgrade with our SliX-Hand loading assist lever. pdf File. Besides the . Muzzle-Loaders Straight-Line Muzzleloader Capper for #11 Caps - MZ1407 CCI® Primers #11 Percussion Caps 100-Count. pending. 00 fee (or fee in effect at ship date) for each box or parcel containing Percussion Caps #11 (Tin of 100) CCI made the muzzleloading world a lot brighter in 1975 when we introduced our #11 percussion caps. Oval… (2021-817). $349. Local Pickup Only. 1075 #11 per Make your own #11 percussion caps out of aluminum cans. Ribbed copper cups. IA0805 RWS German #11 Percussion Caps Pkg 250 - $40 HAZMAT FEE APPLIES - LIMIT 2. Maker: Colts Cartridge Works Model: Belt $695 USD Items 11 - 20 of 86 Results His patent application was granted April 11 th, 1807. The butt-cap incorporates a percussion cap compartment. 55. Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. S. Subscribe to back in stock notification. Out of Stock - enter email address to be notified when back in stock. Fits rifles using 1" or 1 1/8" flints. Watch this listing to get price drop alerts. old soda pop cans. Much of the finish on the outer flap is gone. Manufacturer: CCI. $ 156. recently, i found this little gem at an antique shop and i've been having trouble trying to identify it. premium. pdf File CCI #11 Percussion Caps (100/50) $4. William Smith was a gunmaker apprenticed in 1766 to John Joyner who at the end of his career had his shop at 64 Princes Street, Soho from 1821 to 1824. com. RWS percussion caps for muzzle loaders SINOXID (in tins) 2105276 1081 6. Available for Uberti, Pietta, Ruger Old Army, Walker and Dragoon percussion revolvers: . pdf File No. $85. Pietta 1860 Army and Sheriff-1861 Navy Models. 99 . The rifle carried across the Great Plains by western pioneers and fur trappers was the culmination of percussion firearms development. 1. 19. Save on shipping and get your gear sooner. It has a heavy military Dolphin hammer, brass trigger guard with extended tang, brass fore end block and butt cap with steel lanyard ring. Muzzle-Loaded Musket / Rifle. $2,799. It consisted of a kit to punch out metal cups for percussion caps from. Easy and fun to do – comes with complete instructions. Item Number: RWS1055. $25 to $100. The specifications set forth here produce the #11 size percussion caps, but different sizes may be produced by the same design. CCI #11 Percussion Caps for Muzzleloading - 1000/ct. Usage: Standard revolvers and rifles with #11 nipples. Custom. Out of stock. - Modern non-corrosive, non-mercuric priming mix. Latin Percussion LPA646-AW Aspire Series 10" / 11" Conga Set w/ Stand. follow. Features: Modern non-corrosive, non-mercuric priming mix; Assembled in ribbed copper cups just like the originals CCI Percussion Caps #11 Magum Box of 1000 Our primers are highly evolved products because we continuously test and improve. - Assembled in ribbed copper cups just like the originals. 99 - $124. market. CCI #10 Percussion Caps are the size required for most revolvers. Click to expand A hotter #11 cap for reliable ignition of replica black powders. Pietta 1862 Spiller & Burr Models. RWS Dynamite-Nobel Percussion Caps {made in Germany} are the hottest and best waterproofed #11 Caps currently available on the U. Against such things there is no law. Pietta 1851 Navy Models. Save 33%. Remington 2 1/2 Large Pistol Primer Item PRIR2. Oct 30, 2021 · Percussion cap pistol the muzzleloading forum. Revolvers from Percussion Cap to the Self 1 thru volume 11--bk. This latch tab is unbroken. Jul 05, 2021 · Kentucky. Dismiss notification. Recycle tins, cans,paper, card and much much more to create some unique and wonderful craft projects. Buy #11 Percussion Cap Maker - Produces a #11 Aluminum Cap - NEW!: GunBroker is the largest seller of Reloading Supplies Ammunition Reloading All: 905664534 Oct 26, 2021 · I recently purchased a #11 percussion cap making tool and primer compound from a company called Prime All. Some of these are very good. On Line Store. Nine of the shells are solid brass and are by Union Metallic Cartridge Company (UMC Co. 5LP. 11 percussion caps tin. Reliable, clean-burning ignition. The cap tins came along with a Model 1863 US rifled musket that was complete with quite a few period accouterments. Victorian Eley's Double Waterproof Percussion Caps Tin( Circa 1870 ~ VG) For sale is an early Eley's 100 No. Re: #11 Percussion caps [ Re: Fotis ] #15951122 03/29/21. Register Log In doublegunshop. Read about this product in a Blackpowder guide & it is supposed to work fine with small bore rifles (. 2. 1 out of 5 stars 89. 11 percussion caps maker

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